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Just a short 15 minute drive from Lexington is Paris, Kentucky (Bourbon County). The motto here: Horses, History and Hospitality, evoke a sense of unmatched pride. Paris is nestled in the heart of Kentucky´s famous Bluegrass Region, which offers the finest in Thoroughbred horses and lush green pastures - so rich in color, often giving the illusion of truly blue grass all boarded by century old stone fences. The history here is significant and has influenced life in Kentucky and has left its mark on everyday life around the world. 

Garrett Morgan, born in Paris in 1877, is credited with inventing the tri-color traffic signal and the gas mask, while Paris native George Snyder invented the first fishing reel made in the USA. That fishing reel, made of brass, recently sold at auction for $31,500, making it the most expensive fishing item ever sold in the country. Nearby M.M.I. (Millersburg Military Institute) is still in operation today and is the last military school in Kentucky and is among only a handful of military schools left in the U.S. Founded in 1893, the school has educated over 10,000 cadets and was named Kentucky´s official Military Institute in 1984. Paris´ oldest spot is Duncan Tavern, built Four years before Kentucky even became a state. Duncan Tavern, built by Major Duncan has seen the likes of Pioneers Daniel Boone and Simon Kenton. As listed in Ripley´s Believe it or Not, Paris is also home to the tallest three-story building in the country. The downtown building was constructed in 1891 and has served as the popular Paradise Café restaurant for many years. 

Paris Kentucky Heritage 
Paris is the official home of the popular amber-brown colored beverage we know as Bourbon. Wondering what the difference is between Bourbon and whiskey? Well to be called Bourbon, it must be made in Kentucky. In the late 1700´s, Paris native Jacob Spears was one the earliest distillers in Bourbon County. Spears´ technique for making the popular drink gave it a very distinguishable tasty flavor. When sold around the country, buyers of the liquid gave it the name Bourbon, and Bourbon was born! The warehouse where Spear´s worked is still standing. An interesting note is that in the warehouse, one of the windows was converted to a drive-thru for the horse carriages; therefore it was one of the first drive-thru in history. 

Paris Thoroughbred Tradition
Paris is home to Xalapa and Claiborne Farms, two of the most prestigious race horse breeding operations in the world. By far the most famous resident in the 200 year history of Paris is Secretariat, a Thoroughbred born, raised and buried in Paris at Claiborne Farm. 
Aside from his Triple Crown win, he set numerous track world records that still stand over 30 years later. Secretariat is the only Kentucky Derby winner to have ever finished the race in under two minutes. The Preakness was no different, as the horse legend blazed to the finish line in a record time. Sadly, no record was officially given to him due to a faulty timer. But that did not stop Secretariat! During his next race at the Belmont, he won by the widest margin ever, setting a world record with a time of 2:24 for the mile and a half course. The two-time Horse of the Year, won nearly $1.5 million during his time. Even today, Secretariat is regarded as a true legend who will always be known as the greatest horse of the century. 

Road to Paris
The scenic and historic sites of interest begin before even arriving in Paris, as the road connecting Paris to Lexington is a tourist attraction. Known as Paris Pike, this stretch of highway connecting the two cites is by far the most expensive road in the state and one of the most expensive roads in the nation. For years this stretch of road was a heavily traveled two-lane highway. In 1966, discussions began regarding how to widen and improve safety of the road. No one realized it would take 30 years for the numerous horse farm owners, local governments and national historical groups to finally reach an agreement on how the road should be widened. 

The road and its surroundings are historical and considered extremely precious to the state of Kentucky, therefore careful thought and consideration was taken into account and no stone was left unturned to make Paris Pike, a true gem of the Bluegrass. Many requirements would be required from the new Paris Pike. The highway would flow with the contours of the landscape, additional trees and shrubbery, native to the area would be added and the historic rock walls, some built as early as the 1830s, were dismantled and rebuilt by hand. In 2003, the road was completed at a cost of $93 million dollars. 

The new look to Paris Pike was worth the money spent. And the time spent by the public citizens, numerous preservation organizations and farm owners, who fought hard to maintain its historic characters, were thrilled with the new road. It truly was worth any cost to the state to keep the history in the Bluegrass. "This is an incredible model that should be followed in all parts of the country, not just Kentucky," commented Susan Harkins, owner of Duntreath Farm on Paris Pike. The Paris Pike project won the 2003 Federal Highway Administration´s Environmental Excellence Award; the 2002 Merit-Design award from the American Society of Landscapes and the 2003 National Partnership for Highway Quality State Award. 

Paris Today

Today Paris is seeing revitalization in the downtown area. There are many antique, art shops and businesses in the downtown area striving to recreate a real sense of community from within. New brick lined sidewalks, antique style light poles and façade updates have brought back a renewed interest in the area. In 2008, the city of Paris, local businesses and over 40 area artists created the Paris Artwalk. 

Hundreds turned out to see these unique works of art and to embrace the new downtown Paris. 

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