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Convenience is a high priority when shopping for a new home. Many buyers want to live close to the grocery store. The new Kroger in Versailles Ky is sure to excite local residents – and attract new people to the area.

The 133,000 square foot store will be the largest Kroger in Kentucky and has many exciting features. There will be drive-through access to both the pharmacy and the liquor store. In fact, the pharmacy will have two lanes. In addition to groceries, this location will also sell housewares and clothing. There will be an expanded selection in most departments including meats, seafood, and organic produce. Visitors to the deli will find many ready-to-eat items to choose from such as pizza, barbeque, sushi, and even an Asian foods buffet.

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Do you know that a little creek runs under downtown Lexington? Our town was founded in the late 1700s on the banks of Town Branch, which is a small fork of Elkhorn Creek. The first settlement was near what is now the intersection of Mill and Main streets in the heart of our downtown. The creek was seen as a steady supply of water and the reason Lexington was founded in this location. But by the mid 1800s there had been at least two major floods and subsequent outbreaks of cholera that cost hundreds of lives. People began to view the creek as a public health threat. Regular flooding continued to disrupt commerce and traffic flow into the 1920s and public sentiment was that the unruly water was blocking progress. Work began to cover up Town Branch with a

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Now is a great time to visit the Headley-Whitney Museum on Old Frankfort Pike. This popular Lexington landmark was founded by George Headley to house his collections of jewelry and baubles. Headley was a well-known jewelry designer in the 30s and 40s who teamed up with Cartier, Paulo Flato, and Salvador Dalí to design creations that he then sold to Hollywood celebrities. Gary Cooper, Judy Garland, and Joan Crawford were just a few famous clients who purchased his curios.

Headley, who died in 1985 at 77 years old, had moved to Lexington in the late 1940s. He built the museum about 20 years later because his wife, Barbara Whitney, was tired of him bringing strangers into their home to see his jewelry and curio collections. The second half of the

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The farmers markets are open and doing a thriving business this time of year. There are four locations scattered across town including one in the Southland Park neighborhood at 398 Southland Drive. If you lived in Southland, you would be able to leave your car at home as you walked or biked to pick up locally grown produce, meats, eggs, and even fresh cut flowers. The Southland Farmers Market is open every Sunday from 10am to 2pm.

On other days of the week, you may wish to visit Lexington’s iconic organic grocery store and café, Good Foods Co-op, also an easy walk on Southland Drive. The co-op prides itself on its connection to the local community and frequently hosts wellness-themed classes, lectures, and meetings throughout the year.

There are

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